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I enjoy teaching my son and am always looking for fun new ways to help him learn. That's why I decided to create my very own printables and busy book. A busy book also called Quiet book is perfect to keep your little one occupied while visiting the doctor's, traveling, or anytime you need to keep them distracted. My 4 year old loves our busy books. This is why I decided to share my creations with other parents.
I love this ice cream word family sort.
This alphabet match printable page. Helps your child match uppercase to lowercase letters.

How to Put Together A Busy Book

First, print your printable pages. The pages can either be laminated or you can use sheet protectors as an easier alternative (you would still have to laminate the smaller pieces). I purchased my laminator from Amazon for about $24. I recommend using 5 or 7 mil thick laminating pouches for durability. After your pages are laminated, you can either put them in a 3 ring binder, use binder rings, or take them to your local copy shop and have them bound with coil binding for about $2 or less. Then use velcro to attach the printable pieces to the activity pages. You can buy velcro dots from your local dollar store, Walmart, or Amazon.

1. Print Pages
2. Laminate your pages
3. Cut and laminate pieces
2. Insert into a binder or take to a local copy shop
3. Attach pieces to pages using velcro.
What I Use:
Products needed to create printable workbook
What do you need:
  • Printables
  • laminator and laminating pouches
  • optional sheet protectors
  • binder or binder rings
  • Hole Punch
  • paper and printer
  • Velcro dots
  • scissors
  • glue stick
If you'd like you can purchase my printables:
 Initial blends  Printable

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